Thursday, 27 February 2014

The delight that is Cesky Krumlov

Recommended by our dear friends, the Bellamys in Jersey. And what a recommendation. We absolutely loved it

DM was wandering in the gardens of the castle, saw a locked building and wondered what was inside. Poked his lens high up through the window and now you can see what few people see - much to the amazement of some passing Americans who were a bit baffled by his suspect behaviour - that's my man! 
A beautiful reception/music room in the grounds of the castle. A steady hand a VERY slow shutter speed.

Dinner in a posh restaurant wearing Eva Vogt's pearl bespoke creation

A tapestry in that restaurant

This is a sconce on a wall in a street. Easily accessible to all. I wonder how long it would last in OZ

We had a good red there - shades of South America

and wandered the cobbled streets to our abode  - taking photos along the way - of course. Not up to usual standard - my small camera (pre Leica) and after the wine

Our hotel is where the restaurant sign is - right in the heart of the action - though not much action tonight in the streets of downtown Cesky Krumlov

Much more to come on Cesky Krumlov

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  1. Fab darling . . . ! so enjoyed the read and pics
    mal E (+ Bh