Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Deyrolle - the Holy Grail of taxidermy

Owned, of course by the Prince Jardinier. They have a book there called
"1000 degrees Centigrade - Deyrolle" which shows the shop in the aftermath of the fire.
A wonderful book that you can get on Amazon. Having last been there in 2003 I was amazed that the feeling of the place is exactly the same, although sadly they lost a lot of their larger stock pieces, which I suppose may never be replaced now. The renovation is such that you would not even know that the interior and fittings weren't built hundreds of years ago. He 's a clever chap, my apple tree planting Prince.

DM was snapping away until he was informed that he shouldn't, so we don't have many photos

Meanwhile - down the road at the brocante.... a lower order of the same subject

 Try strapping this to a traffic light in any major city in OZ

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